Screenverse Chosen By @MesmerizeOOH

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Mesmerize has announced a partnership with leading ad management company Screenverse, Inc. that specializes in maximizing revenue for digital screen owners.

We are told that the partnership will give Screenverse the exclusive rights to manage and sell Mesmerize digital place-based media to programmatic advertisers.

David Weinfeld, CEO of Screenverse told us “We think Mesmerize is a perfect fit for what we are doing and what our clients want. The addition of Mesmerize’s digital point of care inventory to our network will allow our new and existing clients to be where the people are, when they are making important decisions about their health care, personal care, and other purchasing decisions. This allows us to offer not only great reach and scale, but best-in-class content that educates and enriches the viewing experience for audiences we serve.”

Programmatic advertising is becoming increasingly important to digital POC network owners, as advertisers add additional reach, ease of use, flexibility, and measurability made available by Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). Advertisers who are in search of reaching captive audiences in key health care moments, in pharmacies, clinics, and doctors’ offices will now be able to do so through their favorite dedicated or omni-channel DSPs.

Craig Mait, Mesmerize President and Chief Revenue Officer said “We are looking forward to working with Screenverse to make Mesmerize’s digital inventory at the point of care available programmatically. Partnering with Screenverse allows us to introduce Mesmerize’s network to a fresh set of brands and clients, increasing exposure to the value of advertising at the point of care.”

The Mesmerize digital place-based network will be available in Vistar and Place Exchange.

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