DOOH, Dooh, dooh…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Folks laughed when we launched the first web site with a DOOH suffix two years ago but you can’t navigate the web these days without stumbling on another one (or even a prefix-usage) it seems.

BookingDooh (we love their site and love their business model but definitely don’t like their particular use of CamelCase AND it seems that their new graphics designer has lost all sense of a brand identity and done away with a corporate image recently judging by the PDFs and banner ads we have been sent) followed us first with the use of the suffix.

We now of course have Dave Haynes’ excellent pressDOOH, Amsterdam based doohstuff and most recently we stumbled upon DOOHJobs.

I am sure we may have missed some and we are even more sure you will let us know which ones those are.

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