Asiaray Media Group Extends @Hivestack Partnership To China

Tristan Cotterill

Hivestack has announced an extension to its partnership with Asiaray Media Group Limited (HKSE Stock Code: 1993) to include (mainland) China. The partnership is already active in Hong Kong SAR and Singapore.

Vincent Lam, Chairman, CEO and Founder, Asia Media Group Limited said “We are excited to extend our partnership with Hivestack, the industry pioneer for programmatic DOOH, and offer our clients a way to drive added reach and impact as a part of their omnichannel plans. Through this partnership we look forward to leveraging the Hivestack platform to accelerate the adoption of programmatic DOOH in Greater China.”

Asiaray will offer both domestic and international buyers the opportunity to activate programmatic DOOH campaigns via Private Marketplace (PMP) deals through the Hivestack SSP and direct deals via the Hivestack Ad Server.

Aileen Ku, General Manager Hivestack China commented: “We are excited to partner with Asiaray in mainland China to drive further business growth for brands, agencies and omnichannel DSPs looking to benefit from the power of programmatic DOOH. Through this partnership with Asiaray, we are thrilled to provide more flexibility for advertisers to target audiences at unprecedented scale through programmatic activation via the Hivestack SSP and Ad Server.”

The partnership enables local and global brands, agencies and omnichannel DSPs to drive additional scale through programmatically activated DOOH campaigns across Asiaray’s premium transport media inventory in major airports including Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Haikou, Xiamen, Chengdu, Kunming, Zhuhai and Zhengzhou and in key metro stations across Beijing.

Troy Yang, Managing Director North Asia, Hivestack told us “The addition of Asiaray as one of our important media partners in mainland China was another huge milestone for Hivestack as we continue to drive our business growth across North Asia. The partnership provides domestic and international marketers with the opportunity to further reach audiences across the region with even broader coverage across premium sites leveraging Hivestack’s leading programmatic technology.”

The expansion and popularity of DOOH activations across the Asia Pacific region has increased exponentially, with a 14.1% annual projected growth in 2022 and onwards. By adopting programmatic DOOH, marketers are presented with unprecedented targeting capabilities and means to maximize their ROI. As programmatic DOOH continues to drive innovation in China, there is an exciting opportunity for media owners and buyers alike, who can access Hivestack’s firewall-compliant technology to activate programmatic DOOH advertising to reach and engage audiences at scale.

Asiaray Media Group Limited is an out-of-home media company in Greater China with a strategic focus on mega transport advertising media management, including airport, metro line and high speed rail line, etc. We are also one of two out-of-home resources companies operating in the metro lines segment in Hong Kong.

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