How Uber Eats Engages Audiences w/ #DOOH

Tristan Cotterill

Uber Eats Australia has partnered with out-of-home and street poster company, Revolution360, part of VMG, for a unique out-of-home campaign, featuring a hand-painted mural design to appeal to families by fusing the nationally adored Irwins and global star Paris Hilton, combined with some of the world’s most iconic animals to the co-stars.

The food delivery platform and its media agency, Mediacom teamed up with Revolution360 to create a bespoke, hand-painted mural at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, targeting people and their pets as they wander along the famous strip.

A full-sized mural features socialite Paris Hilton and celebrity zookeeper family, the Irwins and be complemented by a custom pink bedazzled water bowl fit for Paris’s iconic chihuahua that will sit below the artwork for our furry friends.

The out-of-home campaign is an integral part of the latest iteration of Uber Eats’ famous ‘Tonight I’ll be eating‘ campaign, which has been running since 2016. This year’s campaign sees Paris Hilton and her famous chihuahuas join Australia Zoo’s Irwin family to drive fame for Uber Eats.

Revolution360 National Sales Director, Josh Fitzgerald told us “The Uber Eats campaign has been a fun one to work on. The creative challenge was to showcase a clash of cultures while highlighting a common interest – the Irwins and Paris Hilton aren’t the traditional pairing but their shared love of animals connects them. We wanted to create an out-of-home offering that was as non-traditional as the campaign talent and that would offer a moment of surprise and delight for our furry friends and their humans. Our murals have become a popular medium for advertisers looking for something unique, bespoke and that blends into urban environments. The Uber Eats mural and custom water bowl for pets ties in perfectly with its latest campaign in an iconic Sydney location. Revolution360 is becoming synonymous with these types of blue-sky, quirky campaigns and we love working with clients to bring their creative to life.”

The mural was hand painted in Bondi and will be on display for four weeks

At this Wednesday August 17th’s AdTECH; OOH – Sydney Conference Andy Morley, Director of Marketing at Uber and Uber Eats will be talking to Neil Ackland, Chief Content, Marketing & Creative Officer of oOh!media about how Princess Lasagna Baby (as dubbed by Paris Hilton) came to life, why technological advances in digital OOH is changing Uber’s creative process; where OOH fits in Uber’s creative and media strategy and why Uber is turning to OOH to reach younger, hard to reach, audiences.

Princess Lasagna Baby, is the latest in a series of innovative and boundary-pushing OOH campaigns from Uber Eats. Part of the campaign also saw Uber experiment with a 3D animated giraffe that has been turning heads and capturing attention at Melbourne’s six-storey billboard ‘The Bourke’.

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