200 Trees Planted By 75Media in Yorkshire Dales

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

UK Leeds-based outdoor advertising operator, 75Media, has marked its first year anniversary with charity partner, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust by reaching the (annual) goal of planting 200 trees in woodlands across the Yorkshire Dales.

By supporting Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust’s Together for Trees project, 75Media has, in turn, helped to offset an estimated 33 tonnes of carbon over the next 50 years.

75Media began its three-year partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust in summer 2021 and its donations have helped the charity deliver a combination of tree planting schemes, woodland maintenance days and community outreach projects. Projects such as these are all aimed at helping combat climate change, reduce flooding, reduce CO2 emissions, provide homes for wildlife and, collectively, improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the area.

Paul Inman, 75Media’s managing director, told us “As a team, we’re thrilled to have been able to support two important YDMT projects: Together for Trees and Plastic-Free Woodlands during our first year working with the charity. At our very heart, we are a Yorkshire born and bred business so being actively involved in protecting the people, landscape and wildlife of the Dales, is a key focus for us. Not only have we been able to support YDMT through our donations but we have now taken part in two woodland maintenance days which have been a fascinating way of getting to know this incredible part of the region.”

Michael Devlyn, deputy chief executive of Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, said: “It is great to partner with an organisation that is committed to environmental excellence and wants to make a real difference to woodland cover in the Dales. 75Media’s donation and ongoing support will help ensure that we can plant woodlands in a way that not only counteracts the effects of climate change but also provides habitat for wildlife and breathing space for all.”

Last month, the 75Media team headed to Mirk Pot, a woodland area near Hawes, to help clear plastic tree guards as part of the charity’s Plastic-Free Woodlands scheme. Twenty years ago, many of the trees planted in this woodland would have had needed these guards to help protect them from wildlife but now the trees are established, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is keen to remove as many plastic guards as possible in order to prevent them from disintegrating into the soil and, ultimately, waterways.

For further information about 75Media’s partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust click here.

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