Alight Media Now Has 300 Screens

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The UK’s Alight Media has announced a new growth milestone with its Digital 48 Sheet (D48) billboard network now reaching 300 screens across the UK.

The rapidly expanding network has become one of the UK’s highest reach and best quality media products. Alight’s digital billboards are now seen by over 28m adults each month and have overtaken media outlets including The Sun, Sky News and The Telegraph for monthly audience reach. Alight offers a truly national digital billboard network, covering more towns and regions than any other provider, encompassing 123 towns across the UK.

Alight Media CEO, Matthew Dearden told us “Achieving the rapid installation of 300 high quality D48 screens is a fantastic milestone for our team. However, it’s what this means for our advertisers that counts. A national product with huge reach that offers new audiences in new locations with the flexibility and efficiency that high quality digital OOH brings to their campaigns.”

Alight’s mission to make high-quality digital out-of-home available to all communities, not just in the big cities, means that in almost half of the areas served, it’s the only digital billboard provider. As well as cover across all the major conurbations, Alight delivers over 350m impressions each month in smaller towns nationwide.

Coupled with its Classic and Digital 6 Sheet products, Alight’s combined adult reach is now almost 30m each month across more than 1,500 OOH advertising sites.

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