Biener Audi Advertising In Hospital Placed Media

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Where do you find a large audience in one location, that recurringly buys multiple high-end vehicles for themselves and their families every year? The answer to this question for the Biener family of auto dealerships on Long Island is Hospital Placed Media at North Shore – Long Island Jewish and North Shore University Hospital.

These Hospitals boast a healthcare professional employment of over 16,000 individuals plus the the patient and visitor exposure, with High-Income healthcare users and their families typically geographically located near the hospitals. Not surprisingly the employees are typically local residents who are doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physician assistants, administrations, and other positions who are financially qualified to purchase high end vehicles over and over again.

Biener Audi began its investment in Hospital Placed Media has increased its investment year over year. They are advertising on two large format fabrics in the employee garages and two LCD embedded mobile phone charging units, which engages the audience. Jeb Ladouceur, Biener’s Marketing specialist at Encore Marketing Consultants Group, highlighted why HPM is so important to their marketing efforts: “The Ford and Audi brands that Biener represents are a perfect fit for the patients, visitors and professionals who frequent these superb medical facilities”.

You can learn more about Innovare Medical Media here.

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