Displayforce Raises 500,000 EUR Pre-Seed Round

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Hong-Kong-based retail media startup Displayforce has raised 500,000 EUR in a pre-seed round from NL Platform B.V., a Netherlands-based Global Retail Consultant & Matchmaker through its corporate deep tech investment fund.

Jaap van Vreden, Co-Founder & Managing Director at NL Platform B.V. told us “We are experts in the private-label sector for brand management & development. With a 10+ apparel label portfolio made of retailers and our very own private label brands, we combine the strengths of e-Commerce vs. brick & mortar in operating a new frontier for the latest trends and innovation in the fashion industry. Operating as an active partner for global retailers in the production of apparel lines, NL Platform provides extensive insights to back-end development in bringing new clothing labels to the market”.

We are told that NL Platform builds value by facilitating trustful connections with potential B2B customers on behalf of their active platform partners.

For over 20 years, it has remained an active member of the commercial industry in the field of food and non-food retail and it’s a partner of European Marketing DIstribution (EMD), the leading association of independent realtors representing 55,000 points of sale.

The deal emphasized the synergy between NL Platform B.V. and Displayforce, which both pioneer holistic B2B retail solutions. The Displayforce retail media concept essentially turns a physical store into a digital channel, as it employs customers’ first-party data to run programmatic ads and measure their in-store experience within marketing campaigns. In addition, it increases sales, customer loyalty, and revenue from ad sales. Displayforce turns data into insightful reports and provides advertisers with quantitative metrics such as OTS, CPM, conversion, number of visitors, cost of each visitor, and practical analytics, bringing digital marketing practices to the offline space.

Serge Gale, CEO and Co-Founder at Displayforce said “We are proud to see our technology recognized by this major EU retail ecosystem provider. This funding will power our expansion to new markets within Europe, and enhance sales and marketing”.

Displayforce would seem to meet the dynamic needs of NL Platform B.V.’s customers with its retail media approach, which makes it possible to create a new revenue source with margins up to 70%. And what’s more, retail media is growing 55% year over year. With targeted advertising making it possible to reach the right audience at the right moment with the right message, retailers can boost sales of private-label products by anywhere from 8% to 42%. On average, this kind of business has margins of up to 40%. Likewise, the Displayforce solution provides brands with the opportunity to build effective direct-to-consumer marketing strategies and create new revenue sources from programmatic ads and hyper-personalization in DOOH.

Displayforce.ai is a Hong Kong-based AI-powered DOOH performance marketing automatization tool. Displayforce provides the DOOH industry with solutions that redefine the customer experience through hyper-personalization on digital screens and generate additional revenue from guaranteed audience monetization.

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