Less Mess Storage Partners with ChargeEuropa

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

EV charging network operator ChargeEuropa has announced a partnership with Less Mess Storage, the largest self storage business operating in CEE. Less Mess Storage provides secure, convenient and cost-effective self storage to residential and business customers across Poland and the Czech Republic.

We understand that the first charging station will be installed at the Less Mess Storage HQ in Warsaw, at the Al. Krakowska store by the end of 2022, with more stations nationwide in 2023.

Guy Pinsent, Founder and CEO of Less Mess Storage said “All our newer stores feature pioneering green technology for a near-zero carbon footprint; we strive continually towards improving air quality and improving energy efficiency. Adding EV charging across all our sites is a further step in improving sustainability as well as making it easier for our customers to drive electric. We are delighted to team up with ChargeEuropa, who have an impressive team with a great vision of making driving EV feasible in the CEE”.

Less Mess Storage makes people’s lives easier and simpler, especially when moving house or redecorating, or simply having extra storage space as a permanent extension to home. The company helps small and large businesses with their storage needs, offering a flexible, simple solution. The installation of ChargeEuropa stations will provide Less Mess customers with an additional, valuable service while visiting their storage units.

Euan Wheatley, COO of ChargeEuropa told us “Electrification of mobility is key for a successful energy transition, partnering with forward-thinking companies like Less Mess Storage with easily accessible locations for drivers in major cities. Commuters driving from Warsaw to Poznan will not have to enter the city in order to charge up, they can pull in straight from the highway.”

It is not a coincidence that Less Mess Storage and ChargeEuropa are teaming up and forming a partnership. Both companies are known for their eco-friendly business orientation and follow the directions to limit their carbon footprint. Both companies invested in green energy and renewable energy sources.

ChargeEuropa develops and installs robust, level 2 & 3 public charging stations for cities and properties looking to shift additional focus onto ESG. By providing easily accessible, clean EV charging where consumers shop, eat or work, ChargeEuropa makes driving electric easy. By integrating large 65” touchscreens, the chargers double as a digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketplace for sustainable brands looking to connect with a premium audience. The chargers are strategically placed at entrances allowing brands to interact with consumers right before they make a purchase.

ChargeEuropa is a European-based EV charging network operator. They partner with brands to offer cost-free EV charging for property owners and provide a powerful DOOH platform for advertisers. ChargeEuropa solutions are used by cities as a cost-free solution to build out critical EV charging infrastructure for large-scale electrification.

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