2023 Commercial Integrator Expo / CEDIA Expo Co-Location

Andrew Neale

Commercial Integrator Expo will co-locate with CEDIA Expo I’m Denver, CO next year September 6-9, 2023, thus combining commercial AV and collaboration products with residential focus.

We are told that the event will bring together commercial AV products and education with the residential focus of CEDIA Expo. The announcement was made by Emerald’s group vice president Jason McGraw in an official outreach to the industry.

After much research and monitoring of the convergence of commercial and residential technologies over the past several years, we are excited to announce a new focused event, Commercial Integrator Expo, which will be co-located with CEDIA Expo next September 6-9, 2023 in Denver, CO.

The official notification reads:

Commercial Integrator Expo will be a full featured exposition and conference addressing the needs of today’s fixed installation professional audiovisual systems professionals and technology managers in corporate, higher education, hospitality, retail and resimercial market settings. The new event will feature a dedicated commercial AV exhibit show floor and robust conference program supported with instruction by industry experts and supporting organizations to be announced.

Addressing Market Demand

The professional audiovisual systems integration market in North America is vast, exceeding tens of billions of dollars and growing, comprising many vertical markets in addition to the residential channel served by events such as CEDIA Expo. We’ve consulted with many of our customers, and they’ve expressed a need in the market for one event that can serve both the residential and commercial industries — at the same time and place.

Audience Needs are Changing

The crossover of residential integrators doing commercial projects and commercial integrators doing residential and mixed- use projects is accelerating with the growth of home/hybrid offices, flex spaces, redevelopment of commercial spaces into resimercial office, residential, retail, and mixed-use facilities. Existing industry events do not fully address the connected AV/IT environments in corporate, higher education, hospitality and retail settings from an educational or product mix perspective.

Tens of thousands of commercial channel professionals, IT integrators and tech managers need access to see new commercial AV products and attend education and training opportunities to keep up to date on the latest information for their ongoing professional and business development. The same need applies for residential systems integrators and designers who are expanding their businesses with more commercial projects.

Market Opportunity

Many leading CEDIA Expo exhibitors manufacture and distribute both commercial and residential products. With the addition of Commercial Integrator Expo co-located with CEDIA Expo, they will now have an expanded opportunity to reach thousands of additional commercial integrators and tech managers from commercial markets who will attend the combined shows.

Attending and exhibiting at a new commercial AV systems event combined with CEDIA Expo will offer an unparalleled educational, networking, and new product shopping experience. The best of commercial and residential AV products and solutions under one roof at Commercial Integrator Expo and CEDIA Expo will provide an exceptional value and opportunity not available elsewhere in North America.

We are confident that with a professional AV systems integration expo and conference co-located with CEDIA Expo, we will best serve both the commercial and residential channels and technology managers from corporate, higher education, hospitality, retail and resimercial market segments. New opportunities, including an expanded exhibit show floor, additional educational sessions and amplified networking options will provide an enhanced experience and increased value for CEDIA Expo and Commercial Integrator Expo attendees and exhibitors.

Dan Ferrisi, Editor-in-Chief, Commercial Integrator told us over twitter “The co-location meets a market need. The rise of #hybrid means the corporate vertical bridges home+offices. The EDU vertical now bridges home+classrooms. By focusing on specific areas—corporate, EDU, hospitality, retail, resimercial—we plan to prove the breadth of the crossover”.

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