Elizabeth Line Integrated Into @ThisIsDAX

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Global, the media & entertainment group, has completed the integration of the Elizabeth line into its pioneering digital advertising platform, DAX, which they claim makes Global the biggest digital outdoor network in the UK with over 4000 screens.

Mike Gordon, Global’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “I’m so pleased that we’re now able to open up the Elizabeth line to the programmatic community, offering brand-new, visually impressive opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences. Looking ahead to the opening of Bond Street next week, the premium look and feel of the new Elizabeth line station offers an attractive, engaging environment for both commuters and advertisers. I’m looking forward to seeing how marketers make use of the impressive space and I’m also delighted to be welcoming luxury brands into the London Underground who’ve never advertised on the network before.”

Advertisers can now activate data-driven campaigns programmatically on all ultra-HD, video enabled digital billboards throughout the line including the new-format platform edge screens, the huge digital posters above the escalators at Tottenham Court Road, Farringdon and Bond Street, and every digital escalator panel.

Phil Duffield, VP UK at The Trade Desk was quoted as saying “The Elizabeth line’s digital assets being added to DAX presents a valuable opportunity for advertisers to extend their reach and target millions of people as they go about their daily lives – whether that’s heading to work, on a first date or out with friends – and tailor creative experiences to speak to them in those important moments. Building a digital out of home media strategy into an omnichannel approach means advertisers can measure the true impact of their efforts, they can establish what’s working and what can be improved, adjust accordingly in real-time and set themselves up for long-term success. We’re proud to be playing a part in that process with Global!”

Global has also launched new digital sites at Transport for London’s newest Elizabeth line station, Bond Street – the final station to open on the transformational line and a destination located in the heart of London’s West End. The station’s new advertising canvas features two 44m long digital screens – the longest on the TfL network and a format that allows for clever, eye-catching, creative visuals as passengers make their way up and down the escalators.

Chris Reader, Head of Commercial Media at Transport for London, said “I’m delighted that Elizabeth line advertising inventory is now available for brands to access through Global’s Digital Ad Exchange (DAX). Our commercial partnership, coupled with the opening of Bond Street’s brand-new Elizabeth line station will give another boost to central London’s recovery from the pandemic. It further enriches our state-of-the art advertising portfolio and gives brands the opportunity to show off their creativity, while also generating revenue for TfL which is then reinvested back into the transport network.”

With millions of passengers already using the Elizabeth line (50 million journeys have been made since the railway opened in May this year), the opening of Bond Street will provide new access to one of the busiest shopping districts in Europe ahead of the busy festive period and the new Elizabeth line station has the capacity to cater for nearly 140,000 passengers every day.

LVMH’s Sephora and Michael Kors are going to be the first brands to advertise at the newest Elizabeth line station when it opens on October 24, 2022.

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