Alfi, Inc. Finally Tango Uniform

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Hopefully this is the end for Alfi, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALF), a self described “AI enterprise SaaS platform company”, a company that told everyone that it played in out of home, AdTECH and well, anywhere else it thought it could get away with an ‘announcement’ or a story that people would believe.

We tried not to give them oxygen (i.e write about them) despite PR by the dozens, always pretty meaningless; new research from Alfi, new research from Alfi, new research from Alfi and the odd announcement of a network install or partnership that we found hard to find any actual evidence of.

Earlier this month (October 5, 2022) they laid off 15 employees (leaving “approx five” in their official statement, whatever that actually means), then it was announced that ‘Alfi Ceases Operations, Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; Shares Plunge’.

Yesterday however, Alfi received notice from Nasdaq that it would be delisted.

Hopefully that is the final nail in the coffin and the last we hear of them.

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