Hong Kong Uber Taxi PMP Deal via @Hivestack

Tristan Cotterill

Hivestack this week announced the successful delivery of the first programmatic DOOH campaign for Uber Taxi in Hong Kong through their agency Mediacom Hong Kong, via a Private Marketplace (PMP) deal through the Hivestack DSP.

Kenny Ip, Head of Investment, GroupM said “We were excited to partner with Hivestack to deliver our omnichannel marketing campaign via programmatic DOOH for the first time. As the pioneer of programmatic DOOH, we trusted Hivestack to raise our brand positioning in the market and drive consideration for Uber Taxi. We were delighted with the ease of trading DOOH in this way, in comparison with traditional planning and Hivestack were able to provide the full scope of services for campaign setup, optimization strategy, weather / moment targeting and post-campaign reporting just like what we are seeing possible on other programmatic media channels. Through programmatic DOOH, we were able to deliver more scale and precision than ever before in this channel.”

Uber Taxi ‘Go your way, Live your way’ campaign ran from July to September 2022 on multiple channels including bus shelters and large format digital billboards. To drive precision and scale in DOOH, Mediacom Hong Kong selected Hivestack to deliver against Uber Taxi core proposition to empower target audiences to be in-control of the way they travel around the city. Uber leveraged the Hivestack DSP to programmatically target a custom audience group, to raise brand awareness and consideration of Uber Taxi whenever they needed to commute within the city. Demonstrating the power of this channel, July and August were wetter than usual with the accumulated heavy rainfall recorded. Utilising the advanced weather trigger and Moment Targeting capabilities available in the Hivestack platform, Uber were able to activate contextual ads during changing situations such as rainy days, at peak hours etc. and serve different types of creative in real-time under different scenarios.

Troy Yang – Managing Director, North Asia, Hivestack told us “We were incredibly happy to offer Uber Taxi an innovative way to activate programmatic DOOH in the heart of Hong Kong, powered by the Hivestack DSP. By utilizing the agility of the platform, the brand was able to more effectively alter campaign parameters in-flight, plan dayparts, adjust ad spend and evaluate the campaign effectiveness by understanding the audience concentration rate, performance breakdown by screens / locations and more actionable campaign insights. The campaign ensured Uber Taxi was able to resonate stronger with their target audiences at the right location, with the right ad, at the right time.”

In 2021, 84% marketers in Hong Kong claimed to have bought programmatic DOOH media and expressed their inclination towards incorporating this channel more extensively in their future marketing strategies. Hivestack’s audience centric approach to programmatic DOOH offers brands all over the world the opportunity to drive precision and scale in over 25+ markets globally, while integrating seamlessly with wider omnichannel marketing strategies. In turn, media owners can benefit from both domestic and international revenue from brands, agencies and omnichannel DSPs.

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