(You Tell Us) Who’s Good At Retail?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are currently engaged with a large Japanese retailer that is planning a research trip to the UK and continental Europe.

We were asked to suggest retailers that provide “innovative and worthwhile examples of their use of digital media in a retail environment”

Obviously we have some insight into that but even thinking hard it was difficult to list that many.

We included Harrods, obviously as both a luxury brand and stand-out department store but Guy Chiswick and Alex there together with Remote Media have done a truly fantastic job of integrating screens (even the ‘right way round’ we might add) into the store AND have a proven sales uplift to boot.

We also like what Realisation have done with the 3 Mobile Telephony Stores

We are looking for big box retail (not Grocery) and anything else truly innovative out there so let’s ask “who do you see that stands out in Retail and Digital Signage?”

Happy for readers to include Asia within that question as well and we will publish the results!

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Here’s our latest list…

  • Harrods (UK) by in-house team and Remote Media
  • 3 Telecom Stores (UK) by Realisation
  • Wow (Dubai, UAE) by Meedya
  • Vodafone Oxford Street and Glasgow by MediaZest both good example of using technology to demonstrate the features of the phone being sold and innovative use of projection technology
  • HMV store of the future at Merryhill by MediaZest especially the strong application of product content and its brand

One Response to “(You Tell Us) Who’s Good At Retail?”

  1. Jason Says:

    Hey Adrian, if it’s not too late, I’ll add a few suggestions.

    In London, I’d consider the Nokia flagship store which is a great example digital signage that’s both SKU activated (product infomation appears when you pick up a handset), and interactive (you can SMS messages to the stores digital signage to personalize the environment). It’s particularly clever, since you’ll be interacting with the Nokia handsets in order to send your SMS.

    You already have a lot of mobile phone retail, but London also has the best example of a Sony Ericsson store. Some of the Cellular Warehouse’s have an example of through the glass, touch screen interactive. (I’d use it as an example of an interesting novelty that does not seem to drive customer behavior).

    I’d visit one of your Tube station that has digital signage on escalator. Most Japanese retail is built above subway stops, and as a result the true entrance to their stores is actually their subway exit.

    If you’re visiting Germany, consider Karstadt for a good example of digital signage content tied to the promotional calander of the rest of the store. If you hit Dusseldorf, you can even visit the item level RFID pilot store. For a specialty big box, I’d visit a MediaMarkt or Saturn store.

    Have a great tour!


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