Four Winds Interactive Is Now Poppulo

Andrew Neale

Following the 2021 merger of Four Winds Interactive (FWI), the workplace management innovator SmartSpace, and an employee communications leader Poppulo, it has been announced that the three companies have now combined under the Poppulo name, supported by a unified brand, vision, and product suite.

David Levin, CEO of the new Poppulo told us “Connecting people is at the heart of everything we do as an organization. The name Poppulo comes from the Latin word for people—’populus,’. Connecting people is at the heart of everything we do as an organization. Today, we introduced customers to the Poppulo Harmony platform, which combines the greatest strengths of the products that made them communication leaders in their own spaces. Successful companies know the extent to which employee experience defines the customer experience and the financial bottom line—and that communication is key to both”.

We are told that the new Poppulo organization will offer its customers a platform called Poppulo Harmony, which combines the best of FWI, SmartSpace, and Poppulo technology into a comprehensive communication and workplace experience solution. Poppulo Harmony enables powerful employee communications, customer communications, and workplace experiences, designed to help organizations more effectively engage key employee and customer audiences.

One of the platform’s early adopters, Jared Curtis, Director of Communications at Maximus, emphasizes, “With widely dispersed employees working remotely, onsite, and hybrid, we consulted with Poppulo to solve for these impacts and deliver communications experiences at scale. Their omnichannel approach has supported the evolution of how we communicate, engage, and connect with all employees across work environments and geographies. This technology has strengthened our communications and helped create stronger alignment between the business and our people.”

The Poppulo Harmony platform will addresses an organizations’ need to build stronger connections with employee and customer audiences through engaging communications and optimized spaces.

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