GSTV Release New Shoppable Video Content 

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

GSTV, the national video network engaging and entertaining targeted audiences at scale across tens of thousands of fuel retailers, and social media food-based brand So Yummy, part of First Media, announce the release of a new integration for shoppable video content. This latest effort from the partnership brings actionable, shoppable content in the form of mouthwatering recipes and food hacks to millions of on-the-go consumers.

“At GSTV, we’re always focused on how we can drive inspired interactions with viewers through true entertainment content,” said Violeta Ivezaj, SVP, Business Operations, GSTV. “So Yummy is hands down the most viral food brand on social media, and we’re excited to bring this new, shoppable content to GSTV viewers. It will create more opportunities for them to find new recipes and source the ingredients they need via local retail and ecommerce platforms. These videos will update weekly, creating regular opportunities for advertisers to organically convert viewers to shoppers.”

First Media, the publisher behind multiple social brands, including So Yummy, Blossom and Blusher, has a fanbase of over 200MM followers and delivers over 1.2B+ video views monthly. Now, advertisers on GSTV can introduce new branded content via some of the most popular food recipe content on social media. In turn, users can add ingredients to virtual shopping lists and carts at leading retailers like Walmart, creating a seamless shopping experience. The integration brings First Media’s 1B+ consumer views into a highly contextual, real-world moment of consumer attention and immediate purchase intent across GSTV’s audience of over 116MM.

The 20-second shoppable videos will consist of recipes for indulgent desserts, healthy snacks, colorful foods, savory favorites, and more. Each video will utilize Flowcode’s direct-to-consumer QR platform and data capabilities, including real-time analytics, geo-location and attribution across screens.

“We’re thrilled to bring fun, fresh content to viewers through this latest effort from our partnership and drive them to take action through our shoppable experience,” said Aerin Arkoff Cann, VP Marketing, First Media. “GSTV ran a study earlier this year, which revealed that around 40% of viewers make an additional purchase within three hours of fueling up. By integrating QR code recipes and shoppable ingredients with So Yummy, we hope to help consumers find what they need to try something new in the kitchen, while also driving sales and foot traffic to retailers nationwide.”

With the shoppable content, advertisers will have a more direct line for viewers to purchase what they see on screen, paired with success metrics from GSTV’s measurement approach that goes beyond QR codes, tapping into a best in class portfolio of measurement partners that include Catalina, IRi, Foursquare, and more. GSTV’s scale and targeting capabilities allow advertisers to target specific audiences, ranging from food lovers to regional foodies to folks just miles from the nearest grocery store.

“First Media’s So Yummy has remained a trusted content partner of ours for years,” said Sean McCaffrey, President and CEO, GSTV. “This new content will continue to bridge two areas that remain core to GSTV’s business – food and retail. It brings our advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with food-focused shoppers in a highly engaged environment through our retail media network, AMPLIFY.”

The integration builds on GSTV’s growing retail media practice, with the company announcing the launch of its new retail media solution, AMPLIFY, earlier this year. Operating as part of GSTV’s full sight, sound, and motion national video network, AMPLIFY helps retailers access an engaged audience just steps away from convenience stores – and moments from purchase – and beyond.

GSTV’s new shoppable content slate with So Yummy goes live across its 28,000 locations nationwide today. The shoppable content will also be opened up to the DIY, Tips and Hacks category through Blossom. View a So Yummy shoppable video featured on GSTV here.

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