Retail Performance Acquired By RetailNext

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Retail Performance, a people-counting and footfall tracking business has been acquired from Ipsos by RetailNext, a US-headquartered provider of analytics for brick-and-mortar retailers.

We are told that the deal strategically positions RetailNext for further growth in the UK and European retail intelligence space and coincides with the company’s opening of offices, headcount expansion, and the arrival of new customers.

Alexei Agratchev, RetailNext co-founder and chief executive, told us “RetailNext is growing fast, and carefully planned acquisitions and partnerships will continue to be central to our growth strategy as we build out global bandwidth and bring our best-of-breed retail solutions into new markets. Retail Performance is a leader in the footfall-tracking space, and we’re thrilled to be welcoming them into the family as we expand our mission in the UK and beyond.”

As part of the acquisition, RetailNext will open offices in both the UK and the Philippines and will add about 40 employees to its headcount.

Craig Bradley, Ipsos’ global head of channel performance, said “The partnership ensures Ipsos retail clients will continue to have access to footfall data and puts us in a strong position to expand Ipsos’ channel performance services and bring solutions to market which reinvent retail analytics and insight.”

Retail Performance tracks more than 1bn customer visits per year in 4,500+ retail locations in 50 countries. Ipsos will become a minority shareholder in RetailNext as part of the deal.

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