Who Paid For Exhibition Space At #DSE2022 ?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It seems that the folks at Questex do in fact read our twitter as early Saturday we received the following email from Questex CMO Kate Spellman

I was just made aware of a post made on your organizations Twitter account which states we are giving booths away at out sic digital signage event. That is categorically incorrect. We ask that you retract and delete that post.

In the future, please reach out directly to fact check your information. Thank you in advance

Kate Spellman

As we are ourselves were offered FREE booth space “Are you open to an exchange – eg: booth, e-blasts on our end in exchange for coverage?” and we know that a number of industry associations and conference speakers were also offered booth space in return for participation we have no issue in standing by our tweet.

Bottom line, if you paid for exhibition space at #DSE2022 you most probably exhibited alongside folks who had space for free and for what? An empty show floor and few if any end users?

When you factor in that, as we tweeted also “The place is embarrassingly empty. it took 12 minutes to walk the whole floor !! Wide aisles, empty booths” you seriously need to question if you need to be there if there is ever another year.

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  1. Brad Bollocks Says:

    They absolutely offered booth space to vendors at no cost. I know of some who took advantage of the offer and several who did not. Have to wonder which group is happier with their decision. The fact that they cut corners by not carpeting the floor is very telling.

    Q: Who does that?

    A: People who give big booth space away

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