Canada’s First Toronto Taxicab Ad Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Firefly has partnered with Statements Media, an award-winning Canadian-based outdoor advertising company, to announce the launch of Canada’s first network of digital advertising displays on Toronto taxicabs.

Chris Polos, SVP of Business Development & Operations at Firefly told us “We are beyond excited to launch this partnership with Statements Media. The combination of Firefly’s technology and Statements Media’s market expertise, it is a winning partnership to bring a high-performing audience targeting solution to the streets of Toronto”.

Statements Media has exclusively licensed the proprietary hardware and software from Firefly Systems. The initial deployment of 100 digital screens on the rooftops of Toronto taxicabs will be complete by November 30, with additional units scheduled to come online in 2023. The state-of-the-art units allow for hyper-targeted advertising, delivering dynamic, audience-based campaigns depending on the taxicab’s exact location and time of day.

“We’re thrilled to bring Toronto the same first-in-class digital displays that can be found in cities like New York, Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles,” said Adam Watson, Managing Partner of Statements Media. “Having had tremendous success with our static taxi tops and door wraps in the Canadian market for the past decade, the digitization of this media format will now allow for dynamic creative, giving our clients the ability to reach every neighborhood in the city with eye-catching, digital displays and target those impressions to specific audiences for better efficiency.”

The digital taxi top displays will deliver millions of impressions weekly across the Toronto CMA and will be available for programmatic campaigns on leading SSPs like Hivestack and Vistar. Data-rich campaign reporting including heat maps will show advertisers exactly where their targeted impressions are being delivered.

Founded in 2005, Statements Media is a boutique outdoor advertising company based in Toronto that specializes in premium out-of-home properties and innovative advertising networks. Our diverse portfolio includes large-format digital boards, static and digital taxi tops, mobile digital screens, wall murals, parking garage media, parking receipt ads, and place-based signage in office and retail environments. We create memorable, targeted advertising campaigns for companies of all sizes.

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