New Dynamic Creative Optimisation @VIOOH Solution

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This week, VIOOH announced the launch of its new real-time Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) Solution.

Dynamic Creative Optimisation enables advertisers to adapt elements of their creative in real-time and without manual intervention, in accordance with real-world triggers. These triggers can come in the form of pre-set data, such as physical location and time of day, or real-time events, such as weather conditions, sports results, and even airport flight data.

Jon Block, Chief Product Officer at VIOOH told us “In the digital OOH world, DCO enables advertisers to create a higher level of contextualisation for their advert, based on audience or real-time events. Offering DCO capabilities for real-time trading increases the media value for our partners, by enriching their value proposition, unlocking new revenue opportunities, and supporting creative and engaging advertising. This new solution is also going to continue the adoption of programmatic digital OOH globally, as we are already seeing an increasing demand for this type of solution,”

VIOOH’s new real-time DCO solution provides:

  • Zero-touch activation: a simple and efficient way to trade DCO campaigns without any manual intervention required at player level, resulting in operational efficiencies and quicker campaign setup turnaround.
  • Standardised DCO approach: due to VIOOH’s standardised onboarding approach, new DCO producers can easily be activated and leveraged across all VIOOH inventory, offering a smooth execution journey to all parties involved.

Flux Outdoor CEO, Liam Rushforth, added “Our DCO platform is one of the most successful products in our suite, in no small part due to the comprehensive support for DCO that VIOOH provides. The seamless integration significantly reduces lead times and provides unparalleled creative scope at a global scale. Programmatic DOOH is now set to become truly one of the most creative and vivid channels in the media mix.”

Utilising DCO in the digital OOH world provides several key benefits for advertisers:

  • Data and consumer insights allow advertisers to deliver personalised messages to their audiences that create more valuable, memorable, and engaging brand experiences.
  • DCO broadens creative possibilities by offering diverse and complex messaging opportunities through the use of real-world triggers to customise images, messages, and calls to action.
  • The real-time adaptation of creatives results in greater workflow efficiencies as manual steps are replaced with automated processes.
  • Combining operational efficiencies and audience-relevant messaging leads to higher attention rates and increased sales uplift which translates to greater media value.

The new real-time DCO solution is now being rolled out across VIOOH’s demand-side partners globally.

Flux is a dynamic content platform and contextual data provider for digital out of home. Established in 2015, Flux specialise in data triggered OOH advertising and are trusted by the world’s most prominent brands and agencies.

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