Amscreen In Deal With The Financial Times

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last week Amscreen announced a deployment with the Financial Times, then a few minutes later quickly (retracted and) embargoed it until Monday 7th September, despite the fact that the video of the install was up on YouTube for all to see.

Anyway, so as not to upset Baron Barrowboy and his lawyers again and to make sure we received future press releases we stuck to the embargo (you see we can behave!)

The installs will show the latest FT content at key retail locations across London we believe.

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  1. Nicetry Butnocigar Says:

    The first thing I do when walking into a news agent is immediately turn right and buy whatever I first come across, NOT.

    It may have been more convincing if the people in the video looked more like financial types and less like video makers and shop assistants !

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