Can Embodied Audio Reinvent How We Experience Sound

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are told that EDGE Sound Research’s ResonX technology deploys embodied audio so that users can actually feel the sound they are hearing.

The press release says that the technology is based on co-founder Ethan Castro’s experience and research as a hard-of-hearing audio engineer and PhD candidate in digital composition.

Technically, Embodied Audio:

  • Combines the audible and tactile frequencies of sound to deliver a whole new listening experience in which the user actually feels what they are hearing
  • Enhances the experience for all and allows everyone to sense sound in the same way, regardless of hearing ability
  • Has been deployed across industries – most recently by the Minnesota Twins, allowing fans to feel every crack of the bat as if they were at home plate themselves

EDGE will provide demos of the ResonX™ system at #CES2023 in Eureka Park! Booth 60453.

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