UK #OOH Q4 2022 @RouteResearch Audience Data

Andrew Neale

Building on its role as the official source of out-of-home audiences in the UK since 2013, Route recently unveiled out-of-home data for Q4 2022.

Denise Turner, Chief Executive at Route, told us “This release opens up out-of-home audience measurement in Great Britain as never before. I’m delighted that the significant investment from the industry has come to fruition. This positions the currency as more time sensitive, transparent, relevant and accountable than ever before.”

This is the first data to provide advertisers with the who, what, where and when of outdoor advertising since the Covid-19 lockdowns ended.

Working with Ipsos and industry partners the IPA, ISBA and Outsmart, Route has applied three new methodology developments for data releases going forwards.

  • Contemporising data to reflect current audiences allowing the currency to account for changes in journey volumes since 2019.
  • New behavioural data to better understand pedestrians – most impactful for indoor inventory such as rail stations, shopping malls and the London Underground.
  • New visual attention data to better understand how likely people are to see out-of-home media when they are exposed to the ads under different circumstances.

Interestingly, Route now measures 14,103 digital screens across the UK (up 15% in the last 12 months) and 83% of adults see a digital screen each week.

Route data allows users – advertisers, outdoor media owners and media agencies – to track out-of-home audiences across Great Britain at a time of extraordinary innovation within the medium and changes in consumer travel behaviour.

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