#ISE2023 @Quividi Hall 6 – Booth G720

Andrew Neale

Quividi, the leader in Audience Measurement and Shopper Engagement for DOOH and Retail, is back exhibiting at next week’s #ISE2023 in Barcelona.

You’ll find them in Hall 6 – Booth G720 where they will be demonstrating their brand-new Performance Merchandising Platform (PMP), which is already being used by many retailers and brands to understand shoppers’ behaviour by demographics at the Point of Purchase (POP) and then to optimise conversion at every step of the sales funnel, from how many shoppers pass by and stop by the POP, to shoppers engaging, hand-picking and purchasing a product.

Bottom line, retailers and brands can now buy and sell merchandising based on performance.

We understand that they wil also be discussing how their improved Audience Measurement Platform (AMP) accelerates revenue for DOOH and Retail Media operators. AMP by the way, now delivers first-party impressions for programmatic trading via native integrations with many of the major pDOOH SSP platforms.

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