mc R&D GmbH and @Hivestack Partnernership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Hivestack has partnered with mc R&D GmbH, Germany’s largest network provider of passenger TV.

As a result of the partnership, mc R&D GmbH’s 5,800 screens in 2,000 public transport vehicles (subway, bus, streetcar) can now be bought programmatically via Hivestack’s Supply Side Platform (SSP).

Andreas Orth, Managing Director and sole shareholder of mc R&D GmbH said “By working with Hivestack, we are taking another big step towards Programmatic Advertising/ Our inventory of thousands of screens with high-quality programming and immense reach is now very easy and very quick for agencies and companies to book.”

With the integration of mc R&D GmbH’s inventory, Hivestack will offer local and international advertisers, agencies and omnichannel DSPs the opportunity to plan, activate and measure programmatic DOOH campaigns across mcrud’s DOOH screens in two major German cities.

Germany’s largest passenger television provider, mc R&D GmbH, broadcasts high-quality programming on public transportation in the major cities of Berlin and Munich. In Berlin alone, the Berliner Fenster station reaches more than 2m passengers every day. In total, the partnership with mcrud will allow buyers to reach a potential audience of 20m per week.

Will Brownsdon, Managing Director at Hivestack told us “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with MCRUD in Germany. Our goal at Hivestack is to connect buyers to audiences on the move and across a wide range of OOH environments. MCRUD represents just this, offering incredible reach in a unique and captive environment.”

In 2022, DOOH ad spend in Germany was projected to reach 708m euros. Digital outdoor advertising has been growing steadily for years, often with double-digit growth rates. In 2018, DOOH gross sales were still 410m euros (source: Nielsen Media Research). This corresponds to a growth of 72.5% within four years. Programmatic DOOH technology offers advertisers an unprecedented reach, allowing worldwide brands to precisely reach their target audiences via large format DOOH screens.

mc R&D GmbH is Germany’s largest marketer and program organizer of passenger television in Germany. In addition to Berlin and Munich, the company’s marketing network includes the cities of Dresden and Leipzig. The infotainment program produced by mcrud, consisting of news, entertainment, city information and advertising, is broadcast seven days a week for 20 hours (4 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and reaches an audience of millions. The reach figures for mcrud GmbH are based on study results published by the Institute for Digital Out of Home Media GmbH (IDOOH) (Public & Private Screens, P&PS).

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