We <3 NYC @OutfrontMediaUS Campaign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

OUTFRONT Media (NYSE:OUT) is showing its love for its home city with support and partnership for New York City’s ‘We <3 NYC' citywide civic action campaign.

The campaign is geared to inspire New York City’s post-pandemic resurgence, to showcase the city’s strengths and aiming to mobilisde New Yorkers in all communities to help ensure that New York remains the greatest city in the world.

The ‘We <3 NYC' campaign engages commuters using digital signage throughout the NYC transit system (subway, bus, street furniture, billboards) which reaches millions of people daily (approximately 5 million trips daily across subways, buses and commuter rail). The messaging is focused around ways New Yorkers can help improve the city, prioritize public safety, support small businesses, and care for parks and litter cleanups. In addition to transit media, OUTFRONT supported the initial press conference with OUTFRONT PRIME inventory in Times Square creating the backdrop of the event. This media will run for the duration of the campaign along with billboards across the greater NYC area, plus expected amplification through social channels.

Phil Stimpson, East Region EVP at OUTFRONT Media told us “OUTFRONT is extremely proud to support the Partnership for New York City to share ‘We <3 NYC'. As the lifeblood of NYC, the subway and overall public transit system are vital to everyday New Yorkers, its businesses, and the growth of our economy.”

As part of its effort to empower residents to drive change in their own communities, the ‘We <3 NYC' campaign will also involve several partnerships with public agencies and nonprofits across the city aimed at achieving a safer, more livable and more business-friendly city. OUTFRONT has a long history of supporting NYC and related initiatives including its work on behalf of The Times Square Alliance and Inside Broadway. The visual inspiration behind the campaign 'We <3 NYC' is an approved adaptation of the famous Milton Glaser-designed ‘I <3 New York' which is owned by New York State’s Department of Economic Development.

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