Screenverse and @Apparatix Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Screenverse has announced a partnership with a company called Apparatix.

Apparatix was founded in 2010 and apparently provides an enterprise software solution for Out-of-Home operators.

David Weinfeld, Screenverse CEO told us “We are thrilled to be partnering with Apparatix to offer our industry-leading programmatic solutions to their clients. Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service and success to each of the independent operators managing digital billboards powered by Apparatix software.”

Through this partnership, independent operators who use the Apparatix software have an opportunity to capitalize on Screenverse’s robust programmatic monetization services, leveraging one of the largest pools of digital roadside billboards in North America. Screenverse is of course well-positioned to manage and monetize digital billboards in the programmatic channel, thanks to its team of sales professionals, programmatic experts, media operations specialists, and marketers.

Screenverse will effectibely act as an extension of the Apparatix team, ensuring that all of the digital billboard assets are optimized for programmatic revenue across all buyers and key programmatic decision-makers.

John James, CEO of Apparatix said “Our partnership with Screenverse will provide our client-base of digital billboard operators with the best programmatic revenue solutions. Screenverse’s expertise in programmatic advertising combined with Apparatix’s industry-leading software enables these digital billboard operators to fully maximize the value of their digital billboard assets.”

The relationship will also provide programmatic buyers with access to a wider range of digital billboard inventory, enabling them to reach more consumers in more markets than ever before. By leveraging the Screenverse + Apparatix digital billboard inventory, buyers will be able to identify and target audiences with greater scale and flexibility, maximizing their return on investment. It is hope that it will empower programmatic buyers to tap into the full potential of digital billboards, driving more effective campaigns and delivering greater value for clients.

John Murrow, COO of Trailhead Media and client of Apparatix said, “I’m excited to see Screenverse and Apparatix teaming up to bring their expertise to the digital billboard programmatic space. As an operator, I know that managing and monetizing digital billboards can be a challenging task, but with Screenverse’s world-class technology and Apparatix’s innovative software, I feel confident that my digital billboard assets will be optimized for programmatic revenue across all buyers and key programmatic decision-makers. I appreciate that Screenverse’s team will act as an extension of my team, delivering the highest level of service and success. This partnership is a game-changer for the independent digital billboard operators, and I look forward to seeing the results it will bring.”

Screenverse, founded in 2020, is a leading company in the DOOH space that connects brands to the most valuable and sought-after audiences.

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