Starlite Media and @Quantelainc Strategic Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Quantela, an urban infrastructure solution provider, and Starlite Media have announced a strategic partnership to drive, expand and optimize Starlite’s digital retail media network. Digital Alpha Advisors, LLC, the lead investor, will provide the capital required for the project.

Sridhar Gadhi, Founder and Executive Chairman of Quantela told us “Quantela’s extensive experience in handling data for large urban infrastructure projects allows us to analyze Starlite Media’s data and give them priceless insights to optimize their network and increase their revenue from every asset. With support from our financing partner, Digital Alpha, we created an offering that delivers great outcomes with a real positive impact on Starlite Media’s business”.

Starlite Media’s network has over 6,000 media assets in the top 20 Designated Market Areas and through this partnership with Quantela, Starlite plans to add more than 5,000 new digital media assets over the next three years to reach a more than 10,000-strong network.

Quantela Inc., founded in 2015, is a technology company that offers end-to-end infrastructure digitization solutions leveraging a proprietary Data Platform. It offers solutions for Smart Cities, Utilities, and large Public Venues. They have a team of 300+ experts who can offer a vast array of solutions like smart lighting, smart traffic, location insights, digitized land records management, and digitized citizen services. The Company is headquartered in Massachusetts with offices across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Starlite Media will leverage Quantela’s data analytics, and visualization capabilities to optimize and expand its retail media network. Quantela’s Platform will provide insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns, which will help Starlite develop highly targeted and personalized campaigns that drive sales outcomes and increase brand awareness. Furthermore, this partnership will unlock new revenue opportunities for Starlite, allowing them to expand their offerings to deliver more value to advertisers, retailers, REITs, and other shopping center owners.

Harold Lueken, Starlite’s CEO said “The opportunity in retail media is greater than ever. Industry leaders, such as Walmart, Amazon, Criteo, and The Trade Desk, have touted the enormous potential of digital media that is augmented by advanced analytics. Starlite Media and its partners are poised to benefit greatly from this trend. Our partnership with Quantela is a game-changer for Starlite, enabling us to leverage their data-driven platform and analytics capabilities to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. As more retailers use digital media programs, the demand for effective messaging and integration is ever increasing. Starlite is now positioned to meet this demand with its state-of-the-art, large format digital displays. With this partnership, we have the resources to grow the size of our digital network to meet all media buyers’ expectations and to maintain Starlite’s leadership position in the out-of-home retail media space, which industry leaders have termed the ‘Best in Class’”.

Starlite is starting to expand its 300 digital displays in the top US markets by converting most of its 6,000 static displays to digital. Anchored by top retailers such as Walmart and Target, grocery chains like Stop & Shop, Albertsons, Publix, and ShopRite, leading pharmacies as Walgreens and CVS, and a wide array of consumer services and personal care destinations like LA Fitness,

Rick Shrotri, Founder and Managing Partner at Digital Alpha added “As a leading investor in digital infrastructure, Digital Alpha is thrilled to support Quantela’s innovative partnership with Starlite Media. We are confident in the revenue potential of this unique approach and excited to invest $50 Million in the project, with an aspiration to expand this initial investment in deployment over additional phases, as we continue to expand our digital screen network across the country. We are excited to partner with real estate groups that can provide access to a larger footprint of screens and help us achieve our goals. By leveraging our expertise in funding technology-driven solutions, we believe this partnership will drive significant growth and value for both parties,” said

Digital Alpha Advisors, LLC is an investment firm focused on digital infrastructure required by the rapidly expanding digital economy, with total assets under management of over $1.5B. The firm has a strategic collaboration agreement with Cisco Systems, Inc. and has partnered with other leading Silicon Valley firms. Digital Alpha was founded in 2017 by Rick Shrotri, former Head of the Global Infrastructure Funds (GIF) team at Cisco, and closed its latest Fund – Digital Alpha Fund II, LP in early 2021.

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