EDR Acquires The Golf Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In yesterday’s LAS VEGAS, NEVADA announcement that EDR Media has formed Sports Retail Networks LLC and has completed the acquisition of The Golf Network our cynical side instantly took over and we thought “umm, errr, look for a client that fell into receivership or fell behind with payments with the content house and hands over assets as a result”.

edr media logoHowever, Kevin E. McKenna, VP Network Development, EDR MEDIA LLC tells us that is definitely NOT the case in this instance and he added “EDR was never the creative house for SRN/ TGN …. in fact TGN was in good standing with all of it¹s vendors and partners” so it looks like it was indeed a ‘proper’ acquisition after all.

EDR is a long time Scala shop and a well respected business, especially skilled at doing joint ventures on uber-content projects globally. They are probably best at the very high end of content creation.

Anyway back to the press release. It’s probably ‘big’ PR for such a small quantity of locations – 100 stores…

The Golf Network™ currently airs in 100 stores nationally, including Golf Etc., Golf USA, Pro Golf Discount, ParMasters, and Dunham’s Sporting Goods, and reaches an audience of over 4 million viewers. The Network plans to increase to 250 locations by the end of 2009, with an ultimate build-out to 1,000 locations

i.e. TGN is placed at specialty Golf retail locations across the US (they are not a Golf course located network) and aim to place the network at retail locations where golf enthusiasts purchase over 80% of their Golf related equipment.

tgn network logoAs with all new network announcements the key is always what is NOT said and we were interested in knowing how they are planning to make the jump from 100 stores to 250 this year? Kevin E. McKenna told us exclusively “Our expansion plans are well funded not only to achieve our goal of 250 locations this year but also reach our target of 1,000 as quickly as practical”.

Even with a good SaaS deal (in the US for example, BroadSign are actively out in the market offering licenses for Fifteen US dollars a pop), free in-house content creation, 32″ screens, a deployment like this would still require about USD 400,000 to build out an additional 150 stores.

The Golf Network™ was launched back in 2008 after two years of development and production by its founders and Big Picture Studios. It’s ‘hosted’ by award-winning ESPN golf commentator Jim Kelly and popular actress/entertainer Susan Anton which surely says a lot about it?

The network features interviews and tips with top golf pros and many Hall of Famers, technology updates, travel and lifestyle features, and related information and advertisements directed to the nation’s avid golf enthusiasts.

Studies however, do show that the network has produced significant results in-store. According to Arbitron, The Golf Network™ has produced a sales lift of as much as 30% in testing locations, and over 40% of viewers made an unplanned purchase after watching the Network’s programming.

About EDR Media LLC

EDR Media is a nationally-recognized media development company that specializes in consumer-focused media programs, commercials, and promotions for broadcast and digital out-of-home (DOOH) media applications. EDR Media’s clients include national broadcasters, retailers, and resort & casino companies..

EDR is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, but its primary production facilities are located at its Beachwood Studios Production Center in Beachwood, Ohio – a premiere media production and network operations center with a talented team of media professionals servicing broadcast and digital out-of-home networks.

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  1. David Says:

    I doubt you can install 150 stores for as little as $K400, unless you just put a dvd-tv combo on a stick.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Not true…. a 32 in screen + player , brackets, networked etc. anything over $3,500 per location would be over paying!

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