#3DOOH New York Bakery Co. Bagels

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The UK’s No.1 bagel brand New York Bakery Co. has teamed up with Global to create a 3D outdoor campaign that’s been breaking out of frames across London this past week.

For the first time on the Transport for London network, huge digital gateway screens above the escalators at London’s Waterloo and King’s Cross St. Pancras underground stations feature a giant New York Bakery Co. bagel in digital 3D, treating passers-by with a delicious visual display.

Grupo Bimbo UK’s Marketing Director, Christina Honigfort said: “This year’s campaign is very different and incredibly exciting as we are trialling new and innovative displays and technology to help the campaign have the greatest impact possible. Celebrating our new Toast of New York campaign with a truly integrated media mix, people are hopefully treated to some creative fun, which is very much what the New York Bakery Co. brand is all about”

New York Bakery Co.’s 3D digital creative complements its GBP two million marketing campaign that targeted weekday breakfast occasions throughout April. The nationwide, multi-channel campaign, created by Recipe, heralds bagels as the ‘The Toast of New York’ and celebrates New York Bagels as the superior breakfast choice over toast.

The campaign also included an outdoor takeover in Waterloo featuring 3D special build billboards, a mass sampling event, radio and video on-demand content, social and influencer activity.

Chris Forrester, Global’s Commercial Director for Outdoor told us “Creativity is in Global’s DNA and we’re always looking for new and innovative products for our advertising partners to make the most of. 3D anamorphic supercharges brand campaigns on our digital outdoor estate and we’ve created stand-out opportunities for marketeers – screens in busy locations with viewing angles and high-quality definition that work brilliantly with anamorphic display. We’ve seen amazing designs come to life on Global screens already – including New York Bakery Co’s beautiful bagel campaign – and I’m looking forward to seeing what other brands will do.”

Advertisers can also use Global’s impactful large-format digital outdoor screens in cities across the UK at airports and railway stations to showcase eye-catching 3D anamorphic campaigns at scale.

Chris Reader, Head of Commercial Media at TfL, was quoted as saying “This new campaign is another exciting step in making our exceptional and innovative advertising estate as engaging as possible. It continues to be a natural home for brands who want to push the creative boundaries and reach a thriving, diverse audience that reflects the capital that we serve. We’re keen to hear what our customers, stakeholders and brands think about this new and engaging advertising option to ensure that we can make any future campaigns as welcoming and appealing as possible.”

The Toast of New York outdoor campaign was booked by EssenceMediacom and the 3D anamorphic creative was produced collaboratively by Global and New York Bakery Co.’s creative agency Recipe.

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