T-Mobile Advertising Solutions US Rideshare Media Report

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

T-Mobile Advertising Solutions has published its first-ever US Rideshare Media Report featuring insights learned from serving over 2.7 billion impressions across 620 million screen engagements in 2022 as part of the world’s largest network of rideshare media screens.

Some insights from the Annual U.S. Rideshare Media Report include:

  • Demographics of Rideshare Riders – According to T-Mobile, the average rider is relatively young, high-earning, and tech-savvy, with an average age of 33 and an income of $131,000.
  • Geographical Riding Trends – Data shows the different riding trends of passengers based on state (e.g., Austin, TX scored the highest on trivia, while Nashville, TN had the highest number of nighttime riders).
  • Relevant Content Trends – Content consumption varied by state. San Diego, CA was the biggest fan of food content, while Jacksonville, FL, engaged the most with basketball-related content.
  • Uber vs. Lyft App Engagement – Rider app usage between Uber and Lyft peaked in August 2022; Uber had 31 million riders, and Lyft had 15.8 million.

T-Mobile say that their network is crucial to successful and interactive DOOH campaigns, lending to an engaged and captive audience. T-Mobile’s rideshare media business was born as a result of the acquisition of Octopus Interactive and currently reaches more than 20 million monthly riders.

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