Hillenaar Outdoor Livestream Connection

Andrew Neale

In addition to Hillenaar Outdoor’s expanding network of digital billboards across the Netherlands, they are now offering advertisers the unprecedented opportunity to track their out of home campaigns in real time through webcams.

This service, the first of its kind in the Netherlands, is already active and has received positive feedback from advertisers.

“We are proud to introduce this unique feature to our clients,” said Peter Heemskerk, CEO of Hillenaar Outdoor. “At Hillenaar, our focus is on campaign effectiveness and client satisfaction, and this includes comprehensive reporting. Currently, we provide accurate data on the number of passers-by and the reach of our billboards. Now, advertisers can also observe their campaigns in action. We have noticed a growing demand for this level of transparency. Advertisers want to ensure that their marketing investments are well spent.”

The majority of Hillenaar’s extensive network of advertising displays is equipped with webcams, allowing advertisers to gain visibility into their booked campaigns. By making these live webcam feeds accessible, Hillenaar Outdoor aims to offer advertisers unparalleled transparency. The process is simple: “clients receive a message with a link to our livestreams during their campaign week, and the footage appears on their screens in real time.”

This new livestreaming capability aligns with Hillenaar Outdoor’s vision of delivering results, reach, and impact to their clients. Recognizing the increasing demand for measurable data, the company is committed to sharing the latest figures with advertisers, ensuring ongoing transparency. The addition of the webcam feature represents a significant and exciting step forward. Early feedback indicates that it is a highly appreciated service. However, Heemskerk jokingly warns, “Be careful, it can be addictive! You’ll find yourself continuously watching as it’s thrilling to see your own campaign come to life.”

Hillenaar Outdoor’s growth trajectory is a testament to their relevance in the advertising industry. “We attribute this success primarily to the strategic placement of our digital billboards,” continued Heemskerk. “These displays generate significant reach, whether for targeted regional campaigns or nationwide initiatives. And we are constantly expanding our network. The latest addition is a digital billboard along the A7 near Hoorn. We have more exciting locations in the pipeline, which will be announced soon.”

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