Opportunity Location – Look For The Unusual

Alex Hughes

Virtual Wall

As advertisers look for more and more unique ways to get their advertising recalled and remembered, it is not only the creative that matters but also the OPPORTUNITY LOCATION of that creative.

Digital Out of Home advertising addresses this perfectly and we have all seen examples via 3M’s use of innovative screen shapes and Motomedia’s massive window based screens.

But what advertisers want is not only the unique, interesting locations to place their adverts, but also the right opportunity to place them.

So how about this for the perfect opportunity – the Virtual Wall concept by Hanyoung Lee that protects pedestrians at pedestrian crossings. As a driver, how many times have you willed the lights to change looking intently at Red whilst waiting for Orange. Well, with the Virtual Wall you could now be watching an advert or a blipvert!

Admittedly the immediate audience reach of single digit car occupants is not that compelling but the frequency of ‘playout’ over the daypart might not be too bad – and whilst you wouldn’t want pedestrians stopping in the middle of the road in front of cars looking at the ads, there is no doubt they would get a glimpse of the advert too!

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