Bloomberg On Display™ Service

Chris Sheldrake

Today’s financial institutions are continually challenged with developing meaningful marketing campaigns to support new customer acquisitions, cross-sell/up-sell products, and provide outstanding customer service. Banks in today’s competitive marketplace are, as so many reports say, embracing digital signage, DMiR and digital out-of-home networks to create differentiation, improve the customer experience and increase same branch sales.

Bloomberg On Display™ first touted privately at IBC a few weeks ago is a customised in-branch marketing tool for retail banks to service customers, accelerate retail delivery and time-to-market, and turn ordinary branches into compelling destinations.

Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE CEO told us “created for in-branch digital signage networks and placed in areas where consumers interact with financial institutions, Bloomberg On Display™ media content engages, informs, and entertains the banking and investment consumer”

To us, it looks very much like customised, bank-branded content wrapped around Bloomberg media designed to reinforce the brand and promote financial products and services.

STRATAMedia will offer varying levels of service and content for Bloomberg On Display™, including live broadcasts and private, segmented short-form video, in addition to Bloomberg valued stock tickers and up-to-the-minute headlines and news feeds – all of course customised to the banks preferences and wrapped with their branding.

Powered by an award-winning digital signage application, the Bloomberg On Display™ service provides a highly optimized, hosted solution for powerful digital marketing. STRATAMedia and Bloomberg On Display™ customers can deliver their own branded, high impact mixed digital media, such as high-quality video advertisements, animated presentations, HTML files, flash demonstrations, and text-based messages to customer-facing screens within the network. This state-of-the-art technology manages the entire digital signage lifecycle for multi-layered playlist creation, localization, distribution, measurement and monitoring of digital signage networks containing up to 250,000 concurrent devices.

The Bloomberg On Display™ service will therefore attempt to put advanced digital media technology that is easy to use and Web accessible at the fingertips of bank marketers and merchandisers.

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  1. TellerTV Says:

    Not to rain on the parade, but Bloomberg has had a deal exactly like this in place with a different software/AV integrator in the U.S. for at least the past six years–including Bloomberg hiring its own salesforce–and it’s made basically no impact on the market. A fundamental problem, from my perspective, is that Bloomberg’s financial news content and stock information just doesn’t appeal to the mass market, who make up the majority of branch user (the Nielson ratings on BTV bear this out).

    I know Stratacache has a better known name, and I’m sure theirs is a better structured, lower cost offer than what Bloomberg’s other partner offered previously, but I just don’t see how that helps correct the issue…

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