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Captivate Network Links Blog to Screens

Captivate Network [1], a Gannett [2]-owned media solutions company in the out-of-home video advertising market, has launched a fitness blog, and will tie it in to fitness tips on its digital screens.

The blog is designed to fit into the lifestyles of busy professionals who are concerned about fitness, but who don’t always have the time to hit the gym as often as they want. Captivate management found that, in addition to the high percentage of Captivate viewers interested in fitness (95%), its July/09 audience survey also revealed that 82% percent of its viewers participate in planned exercises like jogging, bicycling or team sports, at least once a week.

Captivate was able to respond quickly to these viewer interests with the new fitness blog because it employs its own editorial staff that produces the content. ‘Weigh In’ is located on Captivate’s Web site at www.captivate.com [1].

Captivate management says that new content like blogs provides an effective venue for advertisers to align with complementary topics. In addition, an advertiser’s message can move from the elevator screen to online via Captivate blogs hosted on the Captivate Web site.

“We learned early on that if we worked hard to create compelling content our viewers found interesting, and constantly surveyed them to validate and expand upon these interests, we’d build a durable, interactive relationship with them,” says Mike DiFranza. Captivate Network founding president and general manager.

The blog features advice on diet, exercise, news on fitness trends, and a humorous take on issues like the health value of pickle juice. It will also include tips from high-profile celebrity trainers.

Captivate Network will run fitness tips on its 9,000-plus digital screens that reach millions of ‘spend ready consumers’ every day. These consumers are employed, educated professionals earning more than $75,000 per year. The screens, in elevators and office tower lobbies, will refer viewers to Captivate’s Web site for more detail.