Acrophobia Finally Gets Vertigo

Chris Sheldrake

If true then it’s a real shame because we pointed a lot of folks, and indeed some of our customers at Vertigo Group in Toronto as we had the utmost respect for their engineering knowledge when it came to street furniture and enclosures BUT rumours gleaned on our lightning trip to NYC is that they may have gone out of business and / or with remnants up for sale.

Real, real shame if true as they had some great customers, especially with the likes of Titan, Lamar and Astral Media – just goes to show you how difficult the ‘bending steel’ business actually is.

2 Responses to “Acrophobia Finally Gets Vertigo”

  1. Sad Day Says:

    They were good people – bankruptcy was filed for on Sept 11th

  2. Dmitry Says:

    That is a real shame if it is indeed true.
    The Toronto team does great work.

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