Dunnhumby No Show

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We had primed several members of the audience to ask Dunnhumby who were due to present first thing this morning at the London POPAI event if they were ever going to officially announce who had won the Content RFP process?

But unfortunately they were a no-show at the event.

It’s common knowledge who has won but there still has not been an official announcement. It’s easy to make fun at these sorts of things but it puts the industry in a bad light. Dunnhumby did after all elect to publish a schedule and timetable of events (Feb 13th was the original ambitious date to announce the ‘winner’).

Real shame that they never stuck to it and an even bigger shame that they are not making any public announcement. Seems that not even the mighty DailyDOOH can embarrass them into stating who it is!!!

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