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Today’s London POPAI Event

Today’s POPAI event [1] saw Dunnhumby not turn up and POPAI fill in the presentation slot with some ‘POPAI stuff’, the Samsung guy (a nice Korean) who presented about Samsung and Terminal 5 was awful, the MaxBox Digital Retail guy was a GOOD speaker but went on far, far too long (lunch also was looming, ‘last foil’, ‘last foil’) and as we predicted his presentation was pretty much a sales pitch for his kiosks and his organisation!

That left the audience with Neo Advertising as being quite simply the BEST and most rewarding presentation – just as we said it would be!

Between 40 and 50 people attended the event which is not bad (the Screen Forum events get possibly a few more at 60 – 70).

Overall we don’t think it would have been worth the Members £75.00 / NON-Members: £150.00 entrance fee !!!