ASG Media / Spar TV 2 Year Deal With abc Media

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here we see abc media signing an exclusive 2 year contract with ASG Media to sell media advertising across its SPAR TV network. Unless we are very much mistaken that means that ASG media are giving up selling media in retail themselves and affectively outsourcing it – probably to a more skilled, better focussed and more incentivised group. This can only be a win-win for both parties as we see it.

Pooling sales into one point and creating critical mass in the environment can only benefit everyone involved.

The Spar in-store screen network operated by ASG Media is deployed in 176 Tates-owned SPAR. Spar TV reaches over five million shoppers a month and seems to have consistently delivered 15% average product sales uplifts and up to 1.5% category share gains for advertised brands.

Jon Southcombe. Managing Director, abc media, told us “There are huge benefits for all stakeholders when a consolidated range of media options within retailers are offered to the market in such a collaborative way. Not only has retail media demonstrably supported brand and category growth, it is becoming increasingly clear that this new form of ‘mainstream advertising’ is being given strong consideration by brand owners within their overall marketing mix.”

The SPAR TV Channel extends the current advertising range to seven media channels, available exclusively through abc media’s retail media planning portal; across SPAR UK stores nationwide.

Again a win win for both parties but perhaps also a tacit message from ASG Media that they weren’t very good at selling media in retail and /or their hearts were never in it.

If the deal reduces some of the 600K that ASG Media currently owe Spar then I am sure Spar will be very happy also.

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