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Scottish Widows 3D Experience

Photo by Mark Stenning [1]

Photo by Mark Stenning

The folks over at the Balfour Group [2] emailed us and said “I’m surprised you didn’t feature this on the DailyDOOH … It’s a model that we have deployed in various guises in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Dubai, India, Turkey, Jordan, Oman, Saudi, Egypt, ireland, South Africa, Norway, Malaysia and the UK over the last 2 years” – err no need to be surprised our editorial team nor our contributors had ever seen it so no slight intended.

The Balfour Group also also run temporary networks and re-sell sponsorship across various sporting events using LED + Plasma + traditional signage

They tell us that they “have a large and varied line up across 2010 using a range of innovative AV solutions, in 13 different markets”.

They have been around for some 14 years now and all advertising sales and creative are handled in-house.

The campaign running on this 3D experience was for Scottish Widows.