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Two Targets For PRN But No Bulls Eye Yet

I’ve said this before, if there’s one thing PRN does very, very well it’s ad sales! Let’s look at the past couple of deals they’ve put together.

First an agreement (many years in the making) with the Target Corporation to sell ad space on their Channel RED network – first rumoured here [1] but still NOT officially announced?, Ed and another one announced Thursday with TargetCast Networks [2] who deliver ads via their patented media platform on TV’s in casual dining restaurants a company that has been featured heavily on DailyDOOH for a while now.

What does this all mean? From the creative guy’s perspective it feels like a small push to help the bottom line.

PRN has one of the most experienced ad sales team in the business and It comes as no surprise that under the new management team the business has looked to unbundle its services for the past couple of years in an attempt to broaden its revenue stream.

So, what now?

In my opinion, PRN needs to sign up new retailers, and not just bits and pieces of business they need a fully operational, managed network in a new retail venue.

This is what PRN does best; the combination of content, technology and sales.

That’s a tough call in this economy, but this is a company that went from operating a few video screens in Walmart’s Home Entertainment Department to 250,000 screens word-wide.

Perhaps PRN it’s now time to re-discover your Mojo?

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3 Comments To "Two Targets For PRN But No Bulls Eye Yet"

#1 Comment By Arrose On 18 September 2009 @ 14:52 @661

Agree w. piece, Curious – what bank is handling the PRN sale?

#2 Comment By Adrian J Cotterill On 18 September 2009 @ 15:08 @672

Goldman Sachs, see [3]

#3 Comment By David Murphy On 18 September 2009 @ 22:16 @969

We are working closely with PRN on two of our networks and i can tell you that with D. Scott, Richard and the rest of the team they are poised for some very good business. stay tuned!