Deep Learning Ad Platform @TeamCognitiv & PubMatic

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Global sell-side ad technology company, PubMatic, has partnered with Deep Learning Advertising Platform, Cognitiv to deliver a market-first contextual targeting solution using GPT 4, which we are told goes beyond legacy keyword targeting.

GPT 4 understands sentiment and is able to capture nuance unlike previous Large Language Models (LLMs), unlocking highly relevant content and enabling brands to buy on more specialty publishers with confidence.

“At PubMatic, we are committed to building a better future for advertising across the open web, and offering robust cookieless solutions is critical. Through this expanded partnership with Cognitiv, we can help our clients improve ad relevance at scale – benefiting buyers’ campaign objectives, publishers’ yield, and most importantly, the end user’s browsing experience, all while respecting online privacy,” said Don Lee, VP of Addressability at PubMatic.

Cognitiv’s advanced ContextGPT product helps advertisers to achieve positive sentiment plus DE&I media buying goals at scale. Cognitiv released their Inclusivity product feature, built using GPT 4 to help advertisers identify relevant, performant, brand safe media. Through PubMatic’s integration, buyers can easily filter for content that excludes negative sentiment and/or accurately find content which is of an inclusive nature. Advertisers can also find inventory which targets a diverse audience, special interest groups and multicultural groups with ease.

PubMatic integrated with Cognitiv to offer much more nuanced, precise media buying opportunities than typical contextual segments, such as real time events, news, special interest, multicultural, and more.

“We are excited to be able to work with PubMatic to offer the latest in contextual targeting to programmatic buyers to reach highly curated audiences in a privacy safe way, which not only meet their performance goals but also complement their company values,” said Jana Jakovljevic, SVP of Partnerships at Cognitiv.

Cognitiv is the first Deep Learning Advertising Platform. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and data science since 2015 to more accurately predict consumer behavior and understand nuance, Cognitiv enables brands to connect with their customers in more precise, relevant, impactful moments at scale. Cognitiv activates as a Dynamic Deal run through the DSP of your choice, as a managed service DSP, or through their industry-first ContextGPT product. Cognitiv is on a mission to bring intelligence to advertising.

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