Volvic #3DOOH Summer Sparkle

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Wavemaker UK, Global and DOOH.com have collaborated on a show-popping #3DOOH ad campaign for the launch of a new Touch of Fruit Sparkling range from the experts at Volvic – just in time for summer.

For the next seven weeks, commuters and passers-by at Kings Cross and Waterloo London Underground stations will be treated to the unmissable sight of Touch of Fruit Sparkling 3D cans popping out from digital screens. This all-round sensory, immersive experience includes digital outdoor ads situated in close proximity to stockists, encouraging consumers to discover the new sparkling fruity flavoured drinks at their earliest convenience.

Jules Smith, Head of Paid and Earned Media, Danone UKI said “As a brand we love to be at the forefront of creativity and push the boundaries when it comes to creative advertising. With the help of Wavemaker UK, DOOH.com, Global and the Touch of Fruit brand will really stand out from the crowd, making a splash with this stunning new creative – just in time for summer. This eye-catching, showstopping campaign truly breaks expectations by embodying the playful, surprising, and exciting nature of Touch of Fruit Sparkling drinks, in a distinctive Volvic way.”

The eye-catching campaign marks the first time a #3DOOH campaign has been programmatically-bought and activated and it has been made possible thanks to the pioneering offering from Global via its Digital Ad Exchange (DAX).

In addition, the use of 3D audio and digital display perfectly complements the outdoor campaign to capture the attention of a wide target audience by delivering an entirely connected omni-channel experience.

And it doesn’t end there. A partnership with Wavemaker and The Trade Desk enables the retargeting of the DOOH campaign across audio and display activity which is an effective way to reach many users across a number of channels. This smart use of data is imperative to delivering higher effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) for a multi-channel media strategy of this kind.

Chris Langley, Managing Partner, Wavemaker UK told us “Such a sparkling campaign needed eye-catching media activations – with both 3D DOOH and audio being the perfect solution. This has been all made possible by the forward-thinking nature of programmatic buying and retargeting. By driving as much top-of-mind relevancy as possible will enable Volvic to not only positively provoke brand awareness, but capture audience attention when they are in a prime purchasing mindset. Beyond this, working closely with Volvic, Global and DOOH.com, we’ve truly demonstrated what the future of DOOH could look like in the here and now. It will be truly amazing to see it all come to life.”

DOOH.com was responsible for the creative production, Wavemaker UK the media planning and buying, and GroupM Nexus’ AdvancedDOOH team the media buying via The Trade Desk. Wavemaker UK and DOOH.com managed the campaign end-to-end.

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