GoVision Rolls Out State-of-the-Art Indoor LED Panels

Andrew Neale

For more than 20 years, GoVision has operated at the cutting edge of LED technology, pioneering the most advanced mobile and fixed LED video displays in the live-event industry.

The company recently retrofitted its entire mobile LED fleet with brand-new high-resolution 3.9mm screens, delivering state-of-the-art clarity, color, pixel quality and brightness to its customers from coast to coast.

Now, GoVision is introducing new 1.9mm fine-pitch indoor panels, which offer a level of video-display flexibility that has never before been possible. The extremely high-res panels, acquired from Recience, feature beveled corners to create seamless edges and true flex curving screens. They are also ideal for constructing LED floors. The new technology – called glue on board – reinforces GoVision’s unique advantages in the competition for higher-resolution indoor events.

“The new indoor panels are absolutely fantastic, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface on the many creative ways we can deploy them at major events,” said Kevin Faciane, GoVision’s CEO & Partner. “We’ve already used them at several high-profile sporting events, including the Men’s Final Four as entry runouts and as a press backdrop at the PGA Championship. We can’t wait to show our long-time customers – and future customers – all the ways we can dramatically enhance their events with this new technology!”

GoVision is a premier provider of large-scale LED video displays renowned for its unique ability to provide ‘Experience Unrivaled’ in live sporting, music and corporate events – both through its rental of large-scale LED video displays and fixed installations.

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