#OOH Billboard Burned in House of Dragon Stunt

Tristan Cotterill

To celebrate the launch of House of the Dragon Season 2 on 17 June, BINGE has partnered with Mindshare and POLY, the creative and innovation hub of oOh!media, in an Australian advertising first that will see the iconic Out-of-Home billboard at Taylor Square in Sydney ‘burned’ by a dragon using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) technology.

BINGE Marketing Director Fiona King said: “The BINGE brand is all about entertainment, storytelling and getting people talking. With the launch of House of the Dragon Season 2, we had an incredible opportunity to fuse fantasy with reality in an innovative and creative way that aligns with what our brand is all about. Using CGI technology to fly a dragon in over the city landscape and breathe fire onto a billboard about the show is the perfect way to capitalise on this.”

The creative concept sees the release of a CGI video on the day of the season premiere in Australia, featuring a number of Australian landmarks ‘raising their banners to pledge their allegiance’ to the duelling factions in the series – Team Green and Team Black. A dragon then breathes fire on the iconic billboard in Sydney. The billboard creative then changes to appear scorched as a result. The concept is amplified across social, influencer networks and oOh!’s broader broadcast formats with the CGI video.


Rob Delaney, Creative Strategist, POLY, said: “Out of Home storytelling, much like House of the Dragon itself, is rich, multifaceted and provides a canvas for continued creativity and innovation. With faux OOH advertising gaining global traction, we’ve taken it to the next level and created a new concept, combining CGI and an OOH special build to drive audience interaction and engagement across physical and digital environments. This has been a true collaboration between BINGE, Mindshare and POLY, and we can’t wait to see the reaction to virtual dragons flying over Sydney and interacting with our Taylor Square site.”

As part of the broader marketing campaign, BINGE will also reveal CGI banners dropping from iconic landmarks across Australia as part of a global activation where cities pledge their allegiance to the green or black councils as a nod to the two duelling families in the series. BINGE has also worked with Bunsters Worldwide to create limited edition hot sauce – one green and one black.


Sarah Newcombe, Group Planning Director at Mindshare, added: “We are so thrilled to see this idea come to life! Over the past year, we have seen faux-OOH executions take the internet by storm. Now we’re delighted to bring this concept one step further, taking it beyond the social media feed and onto the streets of Sydney with a real-life creative swap after the CGI event – a concept dubbed ‘faux-real OOH’ which we love! Collaborating with oOh! and BINGE has been a seamless process and we look forward to the success of House of the Dragon Season 2”.

The House of the Dragon ad campaign is live across TV, OOH, transit, retail, social and digital.

Other activations as part of the marketing campaign include a special fan screening event at the IMAX Melbourne theatre, custom made House of the Dragon branded wines thanks to Treasury Wines and special Fox Sports integrations.

House of the Dragon Season 2 is now streaming on BINGE, available on Hubbl, and watch on FOXTEL.

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