Charles Beauduin Retires as @Barco co-CEO

Andrew Neale

Charles Beauduin will retire as cBarco o-CEO and will become chairman of Barco, effective September 1 2024, with An Steegen being confirmed as (sole) CEO.

In 2021, An Steegen and Charles Beauduin assumed the role of co-CEOs at Barco. Under their leadership, the organisational structure was redesigned, with greater empowerment at business unit level for increased customer and market responsiveness.

In the Jue 25 board meeting, the board of directors accepted the resignation of Charles Beauduin as co-CEO and appointed he as new chairman of the board, taking over from Frank Donck.

Frank will continue to serve on the board of directors as an independent director. These changes will be effective September 1, 2024.

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