Sheba #3DOOH @Global Campaign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

SHEBA, the premium cat food produced by Mars, has teamed up with the Media & Entertainment Group Global, to create a unique #3DOOH outdoor campaign that sees two digital screens interacting with one another.

Global’s large-format digiwall at Bond Street’s London Underground station currently features the famous SHEBA cat sitting nonchalantly on a huge digital screen. Brightly coloured toys begin to fall in from above, collecting around the paws of the feline. The cat is highly uninterested, but suddenly, in comes a bowl of SHEBA on another large digital screen to the right. The cat instantly leaves the toys behind and sets off towards the food, disappearing from the left screen and reappearing on the other side to enjoy a delicious meal. The 3D creative concludes with the message ‘Give them what they really want’ alongside images of the product on both screens.

The two screens are separated by a huge central vinyl displaying the brand’s wider ‘All They Want is SHEBA’ messaging – a new humorous campaign delving into the irresistible allure of cats and their unwavering preference for the SHEBA® brand.

George Hillman, European Brand Director for SHEBA, at Mars Petcare said: “In our increasingly busy lives where more and more things compete for our attention, we know brands have to work harder to cut through and deliver a memorable message. We have a strong and emotionally relevant story to tell about how our cat’s love of SHEBA® outshines any other gifts our cat parents are prepared to give them, and therefore how mealtimes with our cats can become these magical moments of connection. And I’m delighted to see our story come to life so clearly in this new work, which has only been made possible through the highly collaborative partnership with Global, AMV BBDO and EssenceMediacom.”

The creative was developed by AMV BBDO and is the latest instalment in its campaign to promote SHEBA’s ‘Resistance is Futile’ platform that showcases the lengths cat parents go to in their quest to please their feline companions, only to discover that All They Want Is SHEBA®. The 3D outdoor design was created in partnership with OOH Tommy, a division of the award-winning global digital creative agency Tommy.

Chris Forrester, Global’s Commercial Director for Outdoor was quoted as saying “We are always looking at ways to creatively elevate outdoor media to supercharge marketing campaigns. This one with SHEBA® really is the cat’s whiskers. They have been an incredible client, with fantastic vision to see how using the latest technology can tell a captivating and eye-catching story to commuters, making them pause to follow the exploits of the SHEBA® cat. I’m looking forward to seeing how other brands experiment with our new connected screen offering to create fun, engaging campaigns”.

The outdoor campaign can also be seen on Global’s premium Digital Gateways at Tottenham Court Road, Waterloo, Kings Cross, and London Bridge.

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