Keywest Technology and Unified Brand Acquired By Wallboard

Tristan Cotterill

Wallboard has announced the acquisition of Keywest Technology and Unified Brand, which we are told is a key move in Wallboard’s strategy to expand its market presence and integrate skilled professionals to boost growth and innovation.

Rod Roberson, CEO of Wallboard, told us “These acquisitions represent a major step towards becoming a market leader. By integrating Keywest Technology and Unified Brand, we’re not only expanding our resources but also partnering with professionals dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction.”

The acquisition introduces additional development resources from Keywest Technology, including a team skilled in digital signage technologies. This team will undergo cross-training to contribute to Wallboard’s platform, bolstering the company’s innovation efforts.

Wes Dixon from Keywest Technology said “We chose Wallboard because we believe this new chapter will deliver even greater value and success to our clients.”

Unified Brand adds a comprehensive product suite, deep customer relationships, and a team of digital signage experts to Wallboard. Guy Tonti, President of Unified Brand, will now serve as General Manager for Wallboard’s new Managed Content Services division, aiming to drive growth through innovative products and enhanced support for partners and customers.

For Wallboard’s existing customers and partners, these acquisitions signify the company’s commitment to growth and enhancing its capabilities.

Wallboard specializes in enterprise grade digital signage solutions that enable effective business communication worldwide. Focused on innovation and customer service, Wallboard provides advanced technology solutions and comprehensive support to its clients.

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