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It’s Great Guns For Tesco Screens

We hinted at this 4 weeks ago [1] as we have known about it for some time BUT we are still surprised that dunnhumby should trust this work to an agency who has had no digital out of home references – especially given the specialism needed and the ability to churn out ‘grunt’ 16 week campaign cycles!

Perhaps the dunnhumby senior management know something we don’t or perhaps, as is much more likely – it is that the Great Guns’ owners know the right people – after all it is often in life who you know and not what you know!

dunnhumby appoints new partner for Tesco Screens

International marketing service consultancy dunnhumby today announces it has appointed production house Great Guns as its new partner to develop the next generation of content for Tesco Screens, the in-store TV network.

Development, management and sales of Tesco Screens, formerly known as Tesco TV, were transferred to dunnhumby in August 2006. dunnhumby redeveloped the proposition to make it more tailored and complement in-store messages, bringing above-the-line campaigns to life in-store.

The Tesco Screens network comprises plasma and LCD screens in 100 Tesco Superstores and Extras, with a footfall of 6 million shoppers every month. Content for the network is divided into 7 in-store zones, including Health & Beauty, Home Entertainments and Beers, Wines and Spirits. Great Guns replaces Instrument in providing brand content for the system.

Joel Hopwood, Head of Tesco Screens for dunnhumby, comments:

“Since our involvement with Tesco Screens we have always focused on the creative quality of their output. Our new partnership with Great Guns will build on this success, and we are very excited about developing the medium to work harder for brands, for the stores and most importantly for shoppers.”

Justin Cernis, Great Guns Managing Director adds:

“Our skill is in bringing ideas to life, no matter what size of screen or environment they appear in. We’re delighted to be working on this project.”

Many people in the industry will think this (who we wonder will DARE say it) BUT bottom line, considering the quality of the specialist agencies who bid for this RFP – the likes of Realisation, ScreenEdge (and many others) and the studios of respected digital out of home players like Avanti Screen Media, Kaleidovision and John Ryan (you could argue that at least John Ryan came second) it’s pretty disgusting who it has ended up going to!

Anyway, it’s not all bad news as this announcement surely spells the end for Bob Clarke’s Instrumental Media Group [2] who have held the content / scheduling contract since the very first days of TescoTV.