Diesel Store, Piazza San Babila, Milano

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Diesel, Milano

Trend Hunter picked up this story first with a couple of pictures and their own video…

Frantic Milanese shoppers are being catapulted from their hypnotic states as they witness the reverberation of their reflections projected in front of them. The images are displayed across an interactive sculpture installed in the window of the forthcoming Diesel store in Piazza San Babila, Milan.

Those that take a second glance may play with the rippling sequence of images as if digitally painting with a trail of time, or use the touch-screen to interact with many of the other equally surreal experiences offered by the technology.

The haunting, big brotheresque installation echoes the life of the facing square and the people that pass through it. It captures both movement and time, acting as a kind of digital mirror, albeit one that delivers back a very distorted and twisted reflection.

The installation is set to run until July.

We think the installation might be by the SensitiveWindows folks who we have written about before (in Rome).

2 Responses to “Diesel Store, Piazza San Babila, Milano”

  1. Very74 Says:

    The window was created by Diesel’s in house creative team, and produced with the support of Nanikawa (London) and Think & Make It (Milan).

  2. Giuseppe Andrianò Says:

    And as many of you may know.. I’m the Owner of Think and Make and I’m so happy to see this story on my preferred blog 🙂
    What you don’t know is that the installation was live during the complete rebuilding of the Diesel Shop and you can’t imagine the dust and the vibration during the “Coming soon” activity.. Dust and Vibration aren’t perfect partner for your projections 🙂 but at the end all goes well and customer (Diesel) and people loved it.
    Thanks to have recalled this in my mind 🙂

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